Gardening Tips

Nutrient Management and Propagation Techniques, including Aeroponics

Farmington – Thank you to our member Erica Haywood who presented such great information on Nutrient Management and Propagation Techniques including Aeroponics! In case you missed the event, she generously shared her informative presentation, which includes actionable steps in diagnosing…

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July Local Garden Tour

With the sun dropping low in the sky, the Mt. Blue Area Garden Club met near the cooling shade of the tall, sprawling willow in Becky Grant-Widen’s six acre Wilton property before she led us on a tour of her…

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Free Eco-Friendly Seedling Starters

Did you know you have biodegradable seedling pots hiding inside your home right now? How do I know? Because they are cardboard toilet paper tubes. Need a domed incubator for those seedlings? You’ve probably got that too. Just look for…

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