Flower Arranging Demonstration

How fortunate we were to have our own Janet O’Neil demonstrate the fundamentals and techniques of flower artistry so our members can create their own beautiful arrangements.

Her extensive background in professional floral design was evident as she made ten beautiful arrangements in less than an hour. These ranged from large formal sprays to charming tiny windowsill vignettes.

Janet showed that we shouldn’t be intimidated when putting together an arrangement. With the right tools (sharp snips, floral oasis, and flower preservation mix), anyone can create stunning floral displays in virtually any container. To this point, Janet used a hollow dollar store pumpkin to hold a cute Halloween themed arrangement.

She explained that there’s no mystery or rigid rules governing the process, and that we should feel free to explore our creative sides by testing out different flowers as we go along.

She showed us how to create what she dubbed a “plunk-it,” or informal bouquet to fit in any vase you have at home. She did this by holding the flowers snugly in one hand and rotating one-quarter around after the addition of each new stem, placing the newest blossom just little below the prior ones. The result of this simple process was as lovely as it was simple.

At the end of the meeting, names were drawn from attendees to take home each of these beautiful arrangements. Thank you Janet!