American Legion Expresses Thanks to MBAGC for Monument Work

FARMINGTON – Mount Blue Garden Club received a letter of thanks from the local American Legion Post for the initiative and service our volunteers demonstrated in our work restoring the Teague WWI Monument.

Special recognition must be made here for the individuals who planned and worked with committed passion on this project. Our president, Libby Kaut, was an early champion, initiating the conversation with County Commissioners to fund the project. Our Treasurer, Marion Hutchinson, and First Vice President, Beth Myers worked tirelessly to manage the project. They coordinated contractors and other volunteers who: cleaned and restored the monument, added a flagpole, replaced the overgrown invasive Norway maples with a living fence of native evergreens, installed parking spaces, regraded the site, and seeded a new lawn. All this work was designed to highlight and emphasize the beautiful granite monument itself.

This team’s work continues as MBAGC seeks to add signs to include the memorial in the Farmington walking tour, as well as plan a ceremony celebrating the 100th anniversary of the monument’s dedication on Memorial Day in 2024.

Thanks goes to everyone whose hard work and dedication helped preserve the history of this monument and the memory of the soldiers it honors.