MBAGC Minutes, June 21,2022

The meeting was chaired by Beth and held at Rustic Roots Farm. We thanked hostesses and welcomed scholarship recipient, Josh Smith.

Treasurer’s report was presented by Marion. A motion was made to accept it, seconded and approved.

Minutes of the May meeting were approved.

Old Business: Update on Memorial Arch project. We would like to have the monument placed on the list of historic places in Farmington.

Beth has a sign-up sheet for weeding and deadheading at the Courthouse garden. Please sign up for a week if you are able.

There was concern that we can not completely do away with printed yearbooks, as they are mentioned in our by-laws. We discussed options for printing including providing paper and ink to Rachel so that she could print some, or using Franklin Printing, who estimate the job as costing $179.72 for 15 books, or $192 for 50 books. This issue was not resolved.

There was a suggestion that the scholarship committee should meet immediately after regular monthly meetings. Rachel will chair the committee.

Josh Smith, one of the scholarship recipients, thanked the club. He plans to attend Bates College next year and major in Environmental Studies and Economics. Our other recipient, Erin Parlin has sent us a thank-you note. She plans to attend Franklin Pierce College in New Hampshire, majoring in Biology and Environmental Studies and ultimately to work in the field of plant genetics.

New Business:  Please sign up to hostess a meeting.

Farmington Fair: We need a chair and a theme. We would like to create a poster for the fair, to encourage applications from home school students, and students from outside the Mt. Blue system.

Membership Committee: Discussion on this was pushed to the next meeting.

We discussed working on gardening projects with Mt. Blue students, perhaps with Kyle Minear, who teaches employability skills, or Betsy Brady who teaches Food and Nutrition, and grows many of the herbs she uses in class.

The club plans to make a donation to Janet O’Neil for flowers for her demonstration at the September meeting.

We voted to leave the March meeting as social and discussion only, with no scheduled presenter.

There was a move to adjourn the business meeting, which was seconded and approved.

We were treated to a tour of Rustic Roots, and a “tool talk” by Erika.

Respectfully Submitted:

Annette Tripp,