Free Eco-Friendly Seedling Starters

Did you know you have biodegradable seedling pots hiding inside your home right now? How do I know? Because they are cardboard toilet paper tubes.

Need a domed incubator for those seedlings? You’ve probably got that too. Just look for a plastic salad clamshell in your fridge or recycle bin.

This technique is a great way to practice green gardening by reusing materials you already have on hand. Just save your toilet paper tubes and plastic produce clamshells (you’ll need two of these if you want to have a cover).

For the tall version pictured above, arrange the cardboard tubes in the plastic container. Fill with seedling starting medium or potting soil, add your seeds, water and let nature do her thing.

For smaller plants, you can cut the tubes in half for short starter cells like the ones shown below. These are best for seedlings that don’t get too big before transplanting.

Tip Submitted By: Rachel McClellan