2022 March Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order, and new and old members were introduced.

Treasurer’s report was presented. A motion was made to accept, seconded, and approved. Receipts totaled $0.32, and disbursements were $1007.96, for scholarships and postage.

Secretary’s report was read, a motion was made to accept, seconded and approved.


We are welcoming eleven new members this month. The County Commissioners are meeting today and will present a decision on the request for funds to renovate the WWI memorial and park. We hope to have funds to clean the monument, and replace the Norway maples behind it with something that will provide a better background for the monument.

We will not be able to visit Carol’s garden in August of this year, and Beth volunteered her gardens for the August 16, 2022 meeting. She lives at 135 Marwick Road, off the Whittier road in Farmington. Thank-you Beth!

Yearbook for 2022-2023: We asked for suggestions for speakers and topics next year. Suggestions were hydroponic and aeroponic gardening. Erica Haywood agreed to speak to us about aeroponics. Thank-you Erica! Other suggestions were earthworms, soil, PFA contamination, group trips to nurseries or gardens, a walk with a naturalist.

Amy suggested planting sunflowers this summer as a show of support for Ukraine.

We are looking for gardens to visit in the summer of ’23. Please let Marion know if you would like us to visit your garden.

State conference is in South Portland, June 15-16. Registration is online.

We need a new correspondence secretary.

Beth volunteered to chair civic beautification.

Rachel offered to help with technology, and will start work on a website.

Lynn and Louise agreed to be responsible for nametags, attendance, and plant exchanges at the summer meetings.

Louise needs 6 packs for seedlings, if you have any to donate.

Meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be April 19, at 12:30 at the Trinity Methodist Church. The speaker will be Gary Fish, Maine State Horticulturist.

Respectfully submitted: Annette Tripp, Secretary