2021 November Meeting Minutes

The president called the meeting to order. The pledge of allegiance, gardener’s collect, and conservation pledge were recited. 

Marion presented the treasurer’s report and it was accepted.

The secretary’s report was accepted as emailed.

Business:  The Blaine House Christmas celebration has been canceled. This will be our last meeting until March. 

We need a VP for the current year (2021/2022), to become president for 2022/2023. 

State and National officers are listed on the state GCFM website: www.mainegardenclubs.org.  The State publishes a newsletter. If you do not currently receive notifications you can ask to be put on their list. There is a national website as well: www.gardenclubs.

Regina listed our current sponsors: Cousinneau’s, Hammond, Living Acres, Barry Longyear, The Mercantile, and Paul Mills.

We reviewed the yearbook.

WWI monument update: Libby presented a visual of the plans for WWI monument, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. We are awaiting quotes from two landscapers, Robert Zendel and Cunningham Property Services. Robert Z. has recommended removing the two Norway maples at the fenceline since they are an invasive species  They could be replaced with a native species like lilacs or Norway spruce that are centered on the monument. We would also like to have an interpretive sign like the others that are around town. We would like to see an honor roll there; Nineteen men from Franklin County died in WWI.  Senator Black and Representative Landry will write letters of support to the county commissioners. Scoutmaster Gary Judkins has already written to the commissioners expressing the scouts interest  in conserving the park.  We reviewed the history of the park and monument, which was willed by John Teague, and made by Lewiston Memorial Works.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting, seconded and approved.

Respectfully submitted:

Annette Tripp